About Us

My dog Harley has very sensitive skin, and would always break out with hotspots, rashes, along with other digestive issues. Not knowing what was causing these allergies and outbreaks I started to make my own dog food and treats. Both of my dogs LOVED them! I gifted my fish treats with family and friends during the holidays and they were a big hit, and the orders started rolling in and PURE ALOHA PET TREATS was born. Now Harley eats like a horse and the rashes (and gases) are history. Her skin is beautiful too!


Sasha and Harley

We assure our treats are made with only the best for your fur babies! All of our products are 100% natural, with fish caught in Hawaii's deep blue ocean. They are dehydrated in an inspected (human consumption) facility, and are made with Ahi, Mahi Skins, & Marlin chips with no added salt or preservatives. They are locally made in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our pet treats are rich in Omega 3, which are great for pets skin and coat!